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Some of our most popular posts in the past have been gift ideas for home brewers (See Part 1 and Part 2) and gifts for beer lovers (Part 1 and Part 2).

Now we bring you the list of 11 great gifts for the wine aficionado in your life:

For Serving and Preserving Wine

1. Metrokane Houdini Wine Tool Kit

There is a basic set of tools that any serious wine lover is going to need in order to properly serve their wine, whether it be at a party or just for themselves.

This Metrokane Wine Tool Kit provides all of these necessary wine serving and preserving tools.

The kit includes a chilling carafe with a freezing stainless steel chilling core that is ideal for keeping white wine and rose wines cool.

The set also comes with an aerator which allows you to skip the use of a decanter for aeration, a corkscrew, and a preserver that allows you to save any leftover wine in the bottle for later.

Click Here to Read More About the Wine Tool Kit

2. Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump

Leftover wine is the worst.

You don’t want the wine to go to waste, but you can’t get the cork back in the bottle and you know the wine will go bad if it sits out overnight.

Fortunately, a simple vacuum wine pump will solve the problem.

Simply insert the reusable stopper into the bottle and pump out all of the air to preserve the flavor of the wine for up to ten days.

Click Here to Read More About the Vacu Vin Wine Pump

3. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Rouge 1-Liter Decanter

There are some unique decanters that make great discussion starters at any dinner party.  They work well as gifts for the wine lover who already owns all of the basic wine serving equipment.

This one liter decanter has a unique shape that is designed to let the wine aerate while the decanter is tilted on its side.

The decanter is made from a toughened crystal that is resistant to breaks, chips, cracks, and temperature shock. It is also dishwasher-safe.

Click Here to Read More About the Crystal Decanter

4. Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper

Another fantastic option for serving wine with style is this two liter wine carafe with a more traditional design but an eye-catching oak stopper that gives it a unique look.

Click Here to Read More About the Carafe

For Cleaning and Displaying

5. Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads

Wine decanters and carafes are difficult to clean out due to their interesting shapes.

Fortunately, the process can be simplified using cleaner beads. Simply swirl the beads in water inside of the vessel to get at those difficult-to-reach places.

These beads make a unique and very useful gift for any wine lover.

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6. Wine Enthusiast Decanter Drying Stand

Once a decanter is cleaned it has to be dried, which is a process that presents problems of its own. Since most decanters are bottom-heavy they are difficult to stand upside-down for drying without tipping and breaking.

A decanter stand can be used to easily dry and store your decanters without the worry that an accident will occur. These make great gifts paired with cleaner beads.

Click Here to Read More About the Decanter Stand

7. Architec Air Dry Wine Glass Drying System

Just like decanters, wine glasses can be difficult to dry because they are so fragile and easy to break.

A good wine glass drying system like this one will solve that problem.

Click Here to Read More About the Wine Glass Drying System

8. Oenophilia Fusion Stemware Rack

Simplify your recipient’s life even more by combining the previous two gifts into one. Give them a stemware rack that holds 16 wine glasses plus a decanter for drying and storage.

Click Here to Read More About the Stemware Rack

9. Quirky Tether Stemware Saver Dishwasher Attachment

Washing wine glasses in the dishwasher is risky. The glasses are fragile and easy to break, and high-pressure water is shooting in every direction.

Avoid the worry by using these simple flexible dishwasher attachments that slide onto the dishwasher posts on either the top or bottom rack and hold the glasses securely.

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Fun Wine Gifts

10. Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

A fun, unique gift that even the serious wine lover in your life may not yet have is Wine-Opoly.

Just like the classic Monopoly board game, this version brings all the fun while imparting interesting facts about wine. It can be played in the traditional style or in a one hour version.

Click Here to Read More About Wine-Opoly

11. Wine Barrel Cork Cage

On our honeymoon my wife and I bought this metal Wine Barrel Cork Cage at a local winery and have been saving all of our wine corks since. We write down the date on each cork so that we can go back and reminisce about all of our wine experiences since being married.

This cork cage is a fun memento and provides a great show piece to start up conversations about your wine hobby.

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