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Why the Blichmann BoilerMaker is Amazing

It is amazing what can be achieved with a little home brewing ingenuity. When I brew beer I have several separate pieces of equipment that I use: a brew kettle, a thermometer, a racking cane, and a mesh strainer. What stands out about these pieces of equipment is that you can buy a brew kettle that has all of these home brewing tools built right in.
Blichmann Boilermaker
The Blichmann BoilerMaker series is a set of brewing kettles that come standard with a thermometer, a ball valve and draw tube, and a sight glass, and you can easily attach the Blichmann HopBlocker to get rid of most hop residue without a mesh strainer. This is amazing! So many fewer instruments to clean and store separately!

Blichmann HopBlocker

The BoilerMaker series comes in sizes ranging from 10 gallons to 55 gallons, so if you are thinking about taking your beer brewing a little more seriously I would recommend considering a BoilerMaker. Blichmann is already the ubiquitous name in home brewing equipment anyway, so you know you are getting good quality.
What do you use for a brew kettle? Are you thinking about upgrading soon?
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