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Using Carbonation Capsules for Bottling Beer

You know when you’re getting ready to bottle that beer that you brewed a couple weeks, or even a couple months ago? The one that you have been thinking about each day and can NOT wait to try? What are you going to do in a couple of weeks when you go to drink your first bottle (finally!) and you realize that the carbonation is completely off? Maybe the priming sugar was not sufficiently mixed, or maybe the proportions were completely wrong. After months of waiting you end up with a beer that is less than spectacular.

Five out of the last six times that I bottled beer I forgot to add the priming sugar before racking the beer into the bottling bucket. On most of these occasions I remembered in the middle of racking and I poured the priming solution into the beer as it was being siphoned into the bucket. I did this at risk of introducing more oxygen into the beer (and thus oxidation off-flavors, which some of them did end up with). One of these times I even got most of the bottles capped before realizing that the priming sugar was not in there, and I had to go back, un-cap the bottles, and measure out priming sugar for each individual bottle. What a pain!

This morning I was browsing around the internet and found an interesting carbonating product, little drops that you simply drop into each bottle before capping and they will carbonate the bottle for you. They are already proportioned with the right amount sugar to carbonate each bottle with consistency. You don’t have to measure and mix the sugar yourself, and then remember to add it before racking the beer!

Prime Dose Carbonation Capsules

You can order Carbonation Drops online through Amazon by Clicking Here.

Have you tried nything similar? What are your thoughts about it?

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