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Too Many Beers On the Wall

The beer scene is extensive these days, with microbreweries and craft breweries all over the place. This is positive for sure, but it is going to force me to pick and choose over the next few days as I rush to try as many of them from the southeast U.S. as I can.

This week I’ll be in Jacksonville  for my sister’s wedding. While I’m there I will have access to beer from dozens of breweries that don’t distribute up here in Minnesota. I rarely get to travel, so with limited time and money in Florida how do I decide which beers to try? I know that many great beers down there will go untasted by me, probably for many years, which is a sad thing to consider.

No doubt I will be seeking out some Dogfish Head, especially a 120 Minute IPA. I would really like to bring one or two bottles of that back to enjoy later on since I can’t get it anywhere near Minnesota. I am mostly unfamiliar with the other breweries in the south and east, though, so it is difficult to pinpoint which ones should rise above the others as I pick my drinks.

This week I am going to have to fight the temptation to enjoy beers that I already know I love, and push my boundaries with the hope of discovering some new favorites. I might randomly choose from the tap list, or I might go with the beers or breweries that have the coolest names (like Maredsous Brune and Sixpoint Resin!).

When you are traveling how do you decide what beers to try? Any suggestions for what I should try in Florida?

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