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Tips and Techniques

We regularly provide articles describing techniques for home brewing, wine making, and cheese making. Here are some of our most popular articles:

Home Brewing Beer

Brewing Products and Equipment


Essential Home Brewing Equipment
The Best Piece of Equipment for Improving Your Home Brewing
The Blichmann BoilerMaker 
The Blichmann BoilCoil
Secondary Fermentors: Glass vs. Plastic
Home Brewing Log Books
Cleaning Equipment


What is Fermcap-S and How Does it Help Home Brewers?
What is Irish Moss? And What Are Whirlfloc Tablets?
Using Carbonation Capsules for Bottling Beer

General Home Brewing

What is “Malted” Barley?
Food Made With Beer Brewing Ingredients
What are Ales and Lagers?
Is Beer OK After the “Best By” Date?
Under-Attenuation in Beer

Gifts for Home Brewers

Three Gifts that the Beer Nerd In Your Life Will Love
Four Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers
Top Five Gifts for Home Brewing Geeks
The Top Five Gifts for Home Brewers

General Techniques

What is Hop-Bursting?
What Is “Partial Mash” Home Brewing?
Seven Ways to Filter Your Wort
What is Whirlpooling?
What is Secondary Fermentation?
Eight Things You Should Know About “Cold Crashing” Beer

Wort Chilling

Why Wort Must Be Rapidly Cooled
Three Ways to Cool Wort Even Faster
Five Reasons You Need A Wort Chiller
Copper vs. Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chillers
Choosing Immersion Wort Chillers By Length and Tubing Size
How to Clean a Wort Chiller
The Best of Each Style of Wort Chiller

All-Grain Brewing

What are “Mashing,” “Sparging,” & “Lautering?”
What is “Mashout” in All Grain Brewing?
Batch Sparging, Fly Sparging, and Continuous Sparging


Yeast Starters
Seven Questions and Answers About Yeast Starters
Enhancing Yeast Starters

Extract Brewing Recipes

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA Extract Recipe

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