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Three Gifts that the Beer Nerd In Your Life Will Love

Is there a beer nerd in your life? Not even necessarily a home brewer, but somebody who just really likes beer and can tell you anything you would ever want to know about each style of beer? When you are looking for a gift for a beer nerd (maybe even for yourself!) what should you get them?

Beer Glasses

The beer geek can not have too many different styles of beer glasses. There are different glass designs for varying styles of beer, there are come glasses that are made to enhance the flavor of beer, there are some glasses that insulate the beer from warming up in your hands, and there are beer glasses that just look cool!

Periodic Table of Beer

There are many different poster designs for a “Periodic Table of Beer,” like This One. What beer geek’s collection would be complete without one?


Craft beer nerds love growlers! I personally have over a dozen of them (no kidding). If you love craft beer and microbreweries a growler might be the only way you can drink their beer at home (smaller microbreweries only do growler-fills, they don’t bottle the beer for sale). These fancy growlers above will let everybody know that you are a serious beer connoisseur!

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