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New Brewing Innovations: The Blichmann BoilCoil

There are some pretty interesting home brewing equipment innovations being released in 2014. One of them is the Blichmann Engineering “BoilCoil.”

The BoilCoil is an electric heating system designed specifically to be added to brew kettles for heating wort. Electric heating has always been desirable for many brewers, because it frees you from the stove top but does not require the use of gas, but it has not been very easy to pull off for most people. Blichmann is now making electric brewing feasible for the average brewer.

Your first instinct might be to wonder whether a system like this would scorch the wort as it heated up, but Blichmann has designed the coil to have a large enough surface area that this is not a problem. The BoilCoil is sized to run along the perimeter of the boil kettle, so it actually gets a convection current going as it heats, keeping the wort from burning and also helping to prevent the buildup of compounds such as dimethyl sulfide.

The power plug for the Blichmann BoilCoil is removable, which makes cleaning easier, and installation of the device simply requires two 5/8-inch holes be drilled into your kettle.

Check out this video from Beer Geek Nation interviewing a representative from Blichmann Engineering at the 2013 National Homebrewers Conference expo about the BoilCoil:

The BoilCoil is available in March of 2014. Finalized pricing isn’t out there yet, but as you saw in the video above they were expecting the BoilCoil to sell between $125 and $200, depending on the size you choose (based on the size of your brew kettle).

Update: You can increase your home brewer awesome factor even further with a controller like this one to control the rate of boil using a BoilCoil or similar product.

Do you plan to incorporate a Blichmann BoilCoil into your home brewing equipment setup?

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