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How to Quaff a Session Beer

“This is a highly quaffable session beer.” Not the most useful beer description I’ve read. “Quaffable” and “Session beer” are terms that I’ve been coming across often lately that I didn’t understand, so I looked them up:

Quaff – To drink something heartily
Quaffable – Easy to drink (i.e. “this beer is very quaffable”)

Session Beer – A beer, usually low in alcohol content, that is crisp and refreshing enough to enjoy several in one sitting or “session.” (i.e. this would make a great session beer!”)

Given that I tend to lean toward dark and heavy beers I can honestly say that I haven’t ever “sessioned” a beer until this past winter at my sister’s wedding. My dad, brother, wife, and myself had been tasked with sampling the beers from a local microbrewery and picking one to get for the wedding. And we did a fantastic job.

We picked up a keg of Intuition Ale Works’ “Rye Saison” for the wedding reception and I couldn’t get enough of it. It was a very crisp beer with a nice fruitiness to it (although the alcohol content was probably higher than your typical session beer) and it finished very clean. This beer was my breakthrough in understanding what “quaffable” and “session beer” were referring to.

What is your favorite session beer and what makes it so quaffable?

P.S. I think the word “quaffable” just sounds silly and I would probably never say it out loud. I only write it to pretend I fit in on beer blogs and forums.

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