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Home Brewing Log Books

Home brewing supply stores usually offer  any type of beer brewing or wine making equipment that you would ever need. The books that they offer can be pretty limited, though.

Sometimes home brewing and wine making supply shops will have basic books on the how-to’s of beer brewing and wine making. Sometimes they will even have books about making cheese, cider or mead. Beyond that, though. You might not find much.

When I first started brewing beer I looked around for a good book that I could use to record all of the details about each batch of beer that I brewed. I like to keep detailed notes about the ingredients, the brewing process, and the fermenting process so that I can repeat a beer exactly in the future if I wish, or so that I can pinpoint where something might have gone wrong in a batch and improve it the next time I brew.

For a while I kept a log book using just a blank tablet of graph paper. Ittook forever to write out my notes on the blank paper each time, and if I wasn’t careful to format each page the same it would take me a long time to find the notes I wanted when scanning back through previous brews.

The books that were available online were pretty generalized. They said “home brewing log” or “journal” on the cover, but they were just lined pages inside. Not really a step up from the graph paper.

Finally I sat down one day and created my own brewing log format on my computer. I put together a journal that I liked and which helped me to take notes as efficiently as possible, and then I printed it out and started to use it. I liked it a lot.

Some of my friends liked the idea and wanted my log book as well. Eventually I figured that this journal design would be useful to a lot of people, so I made it available in a book format online. It took a little bit of tweaking, but I eventually worked it out so that the margins were wide enough to allow easy writing in the book but the size of the book was small enough to keep it affordable.

If you think that you or a brewer you know would benefit from quickly and accurately recording notes about their brewing experiments it might be worth your while to check out the Home Brewing Journal.

Journal Cover

The Home Brewing Journal is available in soft cover format on Amazon, Here, and in an extra-large hard cover format on Lulu, Here.

What do you use to record the details of your home brewing and wine making? Let us know in the comments below!

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