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Great Brewers Must Have a Beard

New Belgium Brewing Company recently became 100% employee owned, and to celebrate that fact Jim over at beerandwhiskybros.com wrote up a few [fun] suggestions for new policies at the brewery. One of the policies is that all employees (including the ladies) must have facial hair.  🙂

It is true that, as a whole, home brewing guys tend to have substantial beards or goatees. When I go in to a brewing supply store I can tell who the employees are based on facial hair. I can also say, empirically, that I have brewed my best beers in the last couple of years while I have had a beard. There is almost certainly a correlation. Even in the professional world you can see that renowned brewers, such as Stone’s Greg Koch have great beards, although there are also notable exceptions like Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione.

Assuming that facial hair is an important part of brewing beer (at least for guys) what type of facial hair do you think is most relevant?

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