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Four Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

A couple of weeks ago I posted my ideas for gifts that would be great for home brewers. They are all gifts that I have given or received, and I think that they are great gifts. Look around the internet, though, and you will see that pretty much every home brewing blog and web site suggests the same gifts. For something different, here are four more gift suggestions that you might not have thought about right away:

1. Hop Candy ($4.99)
A great stocking stuffer, and something you might not see in too many places. I bought some Hop Candy at Northern Brewer and my wife loves it (she’s the true hophead in our household). This stuff packs a PUNCH! Be ready for some bitterness and true hop flavor with this candy.

2. Unique Beer Glasses ($6.95 – $11.95)
A simple yet fun gift is a crazy beer glass. Drinking beer out of a glass is always preferable over a bottle or a can, so why not have a variety of fun glasses? My personal favorites are the Hopped Up Beer Glass and the Tulip Glass.

3. Home Brewing Journal ($14.99 – $42.49)
Something that I spent a lot of time trying to perfect when I started home brewing by myself was my record-keeping system. I am fastidious about keeping detailed, repeatable recipes and procedures so that I can improve my brewing in the future. I couldn’t find any templates that I completely liked so I designed my own and self-published it as a book, allowing me to get hard copies that I can write in and look through easily. If you are interested in one, you can choose from the Hardcover (fanciest, a keepsake)or Softcover  (most affordable) versions.

Another option is to find an app that will record your brewing. This is a very viable option, but I am hesitant to recommend any specific app since I haven’t ever used one. I personally prefer written record over digital, and a app is difficult to find a gift bag for.

4.Custom Beer Bottle Labels ($24.00)
This is a product that I have not tried out, but I think it would be really cool. This site allows you to submit your own artwork and they will create reusable labels for your home brew beer bottles. This could be the first step in branding your future brewery!

What gifts are you giving the home brewer in your life (or yourself!) for their next gift?

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