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Cans and Bottles

Sam Adams just announced that they will start selling one of their beers in a can. A can that they designed, because normal cans apparently ruin the flavor of craft beer. There is all kinds of hype about it. What’s the big deal?

Sam Adams has a lot of heft in the craft beer world because they are one of the oldest and one of the biggest breweries that isn’t owned by a beer conglomerate. Their chairman, Jim Koch, has been saying for a while that they couldn’t sell beer in cans because it changes the flavor of the beer. Now they are making a big hullabaloo about how they had their own new can designed that will make for an amazing drinking experience. Ok.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Sam Adams. I think it mostly has to do with Jim Koch. I’ve never liked him one bit, mostly because of his personality and his stupid marketing stunts. So maybe I’m a little biased against Sam Adams.

But craft breweries have been selling their beer in cans for years. The experience of drinking out of a can is certainly a little different than drinking out of a bottle. If you aren’t pouring the beer into a glass, though, you don’t get much of the aroma of the beer either way and there isn’t really a chance for the head of the beer to form.

Cans are much easier to pack and bring with when you are going hiking or boating or travelling at all. Cans are lined with food-grade plastic so the aluminum of the can isn’t going to affect the flavor of the beer at all. Cans are much easier to dispose of, especially if you are exploring the outdoors.

So what’s the big deal with Sam Adams’ beer in a can? It’s all hype. Plenty of other breweries have been successfully selling beer in cans for a long time, and they didn’t need to design their own new can to pull it off. Boston Beer Company is just selling you the image that they are still cutting-edge.

Do you enjoy craft beer from cans? Why or why not?

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