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Brewing Beer to Welcome Baby

With our baby two months away from being born we decided that it was time to brew some good beer to enjoy once the child is finally here. My wife hasn’t had a beer in quite a while so she got to pick the style. She is quite a hop-head so she wanted an IPA, but she also likes really dark beers so we got a beer kit that is both hoppy and dark – a black IPA. I went down to the local home brewing supply store yesterday and picked it up, and I am quite excited about it. Check out what this beer contains (this is an extract beer kit):

Beer Ingredients:

-1 pound of specialty grains (1/4 lb Wyeremann Carafa III, 1/4 lb Chocolate malt, 1/2 lb Briess Caramel 80)
-9.15 pounds of Dark malt syrup (3.15 pounds boiled for 60 minutes, 6 pounds late addition – 15 minutes left in the boil)
-1 pound of corn sugar, late addition

And my favorite part, the hops:
-1 oz Summit (60 min)
-1 oz Chinook (15 min)
-1 oz Centennial (10 min)
-1 oz Cascade (5 min)
-1 oz Centennial (0 min)
-1 oz Cascade (dry hop)

This should be a great beer! There is going to be a lot of information to keep track of with this beer, so I will make sure to keep plenty of notes in my brewing journal (I use this one) in case I want to repeat the beer later.

Have you ever brewed a “welcome baby” beer? What type of beer did you make?

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