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Beer Wars

A while back my wife and I were surfing through the selection on Netflix and we found a movie called Beer Wars. This movie is a documentary about craft brewers taking on the big brewers.

What’s in this film? You get to see behind the scenes at breweries like Sam Adams (not my favorite), Dogfish Head (my favorite!). You get an explanation of how the beer distributor system works (I never knew anything about this before I saw this film). You also see the adventures of a lady trying to sell her new beer to distributors and restaurants. This beer is called Moonshot ’69 and is a beer that is infused with caffeine. It is interesting to note that this beer was incidentally banned when legislation to ban alcohol/caffeine drinks like Four Loco went through.

I totally recommend giving this documentary a view. If you are interested you can check out the movie’s website and watch the trailer below.

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