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Beer Making Equipment

Getting started with home brewing beer can be daunting because of the wide variety of equipment that is available. What do you need right away, and what can wait?

Equipment Kits

When starting out it might be easier to buy a kit that includes all of the necessary home brewing supplies, such as these:

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Brewing Starter Kit

Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

Brewing Starter Kit, Includes
5 Gallon Plastic Carboy
Universal Carboy Bung
6.5 Gallon Fermentor with Grommeted Lid
Liquid Crystal Thermometer x2
Airlock x2
Hydrometer and Test Jar
2 oz Midwest Oxygen Wash
Instructional Step-By-Step DVD
5/16” Auto-Siphon
5/16” ID Siphon Tubing (5 Feet)
Small Tubing Clamp
Bottling Bucket with Spigot
Bottle Filler
Bottle Capper
60 Gold Bottle Caps
Bottle Brush
Beer Brewing Equipment Kit, Includes:
6 Gallon Plastic PET Carboy
Medium Universal Carboy Bung for Plastic PET – Drilled
Airlock 3 Piece Type
8” Funnel
Regular 5/16” Auto-Siphon
8’ Of 5/16” Siphon Tubing
Hydrometer (Triple Scale)
Hydrometer Test Jar 12” Plastic
Star San – 8oz
Bottling Bucket with Spigot
Femtech Plastic Bottle Filler
Red Barron Bottle Capper
Oxygen Absorbing Caps – 60 count
Chemical Resistant Spray Sanitizer Bottle – 16oz
Dual Scale Liquid Thermometer
Digital Thermometer w/Probe
Nylon Boiling Bag (8x9in)
Muslin Boiling Bag – Long 5” x 28”

Basic Equipment

If you prefer to buy pieces of equipment individually rather than in a kit, here are the pieces that are essential:

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Fermenter Bucket


5 Gallon Brew Kettle

A  6.5 Gallon Fermenter Bucket is
all you need for fermenting most
of the beers that you brew.
An airlock for the fermenter is an
absolute necessity for preventing the
beer from becoming infected.
A 5 Gallon stainless steel brew kettle
works perfectly for a typical extract
home brew.

Brewing Spoon

Floating Thermometer

Mesh Strainer

A long-handled brewing spoon makes stirring large pots easier. A floating thermometer will give you precise control over the heating
and cooling of wort
A mesh strainer will remove hop and grain debris from your beer so that it does not clog anything up

Bottling Bucket

Bottle Filler


Even if your fermenter has a spigot, transferring the beer to a bottling bucket first keeps debris out of the bottles. A bottle filler makes the bottling process much faster and smoother. Gravity stops the beer from flowing out when you pull a full bottle away from the filler. A capper allows you to fasten bottle caps onto bottles.



An auto-siphon makes it possible to easily transfer beer between fermenters and the bottling bucket. A hydrometer will show you whether the yeast was able to satisfactorily ferment the beer and will give you an idea of the alcohol content of the beer.

To learn more about home brewing equipment check out blogs like ours or the one at NorthernBrewer, take a look at the American Homebrewers Association.

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