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Beer and the Pope

As you’ve heard, Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down in a couple of weeks. This is an interesting day for the Catholic church, but also a time of excitement for a new pope and gratefulness for a job well done by the current pope. What does this have to do with beer, though?

Pope Benedict Enjoying A Beer

Pope Benedict XVI is a big fan of beer. He is from Germany after all. His favorite beer is reported to be Franziskaner Weissbeer, a wheat beer that is made in Munich. Their website is difficult to navigate, but it looks like you can actually get their beer in parts of California and New York.

Adding to his legacy, there’s even a beer made in the Pope’s honor in Germany called “Papst-Bier” or “Pope Beer.”

Pope Benedict XVI Beer


You can always stock up on Pope beer steins and bottle openers to keep this pope in your memory.


Pope Benedict Beer Stein


Pope Benedict XVI Bottle Opener

As the current papacy winds down, why not crack open a cold beer in Benedict XVI’s honor, and give him a “Prost!”

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