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A Local Home Brewing Store: NewFarm

We always encourage you to get out and visit your local home brewing store for equipment, ingredients, and advice for your home beer, wine, and cheese making. Sharing ideas with a real live person will take your hobbies to the next level.

We reached out to home brewing stores around the country and asked a few questions to get to know them better so you can see the different offerings to be found at stores around the country.

The first store we talked to was a brand new company in Harwich Port, Massachusetts called NewFarm.

NewFarm offers a variety of equipment to help people grow their own food. This includes hydroponics, gardening, raising animals, and of course beer, wine, and cheese making.

Here is our short Q&A with Lindsay from NewFarm:

What was the inspiration behind starting NewFarm?

My husband and I started NewFarm as a one-stop shop to supply people interested in producing their own food, whether that be a flock of backyard chickens, organic gardens, or (of course) delicious homebrews. However, we also want NewFarm to be more than just a store… we see it as a gathering place where people can meet, share ideas, inspire one another, and learn from each other.  We want to build community locally while also creating great food and great brews.

How long has NewFarm been around?

NewFarm is in its first year, we opened March of 2014.

What makes NewFarm unique/interesting?

I think it is safe to say that NewFarm is the only store on the eastern seaboard with a room in which brewers can weigh out their base and specialty grains and then grab a bag of organic chicken feed for their backyard flock of chickens.

Do you have one great piece of advice for home brewers and/or cheesemakers? 

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!  You can have the best ingredients, the best plan and execution, but if your great beer gets infected you have nothing to show for all your effort.

Are there any other interesting stories/tidbits you’d like to share?

Cape Cod was carved out by receding glaciers, coffee was discovered by a goat farmer and beer was used to pay the laborers who built the pyramids….if that’s not interesting I don’t know what is!

To learn more about NewFarm, and to access some of their great resources on raising animals and gardening, visit their website at:

If you are in the Cape Cod area stop by the store:
Address225 Cranberry Highway Orleans MA 02653

How to Build a Kegerator

Among the most popular upgrades for home brewers of all abilities is to keg beer instead of bottling it. Using a keg has many advantages, but keeping the keg of beer properly cooled while also keeping it accessible can be difficult.

The kegerator is the solution to this problem. This small refrigerator with a built-in tap allows you to both control the temperature of your keg and fill up a pint of beer whenever you would like.

Many home brewers, prefer to build their own equipment. If you are among them, we highly recommend you check out the excellent infographic at PartSelect that walks you through building a kegerator, step by step.

How to Build a Kegerator Intro


Click Here to read more about How to Build a Kegerator.

Have you built your own kegerator? Share your stories and tips in the comments below!